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Gummy Smile
Tongue Tied
Laser Gum Recontouring/Gummy smile
What is gummy smile? Gum is too prominent when you are smiling. The ratio of the teeth showing and gum is not proportionate. The crown appears short in relation to your gum. And if you're suffering from small teeth, uneven gums, or gums that protrude when you smile.
How do we treat it? Crown lengthening- lengthen your crown length by removing your gum tissue with Laser Porcelain Veneer or Crown- your teeth can be made to appear longer
Why laser? It is the most comfortable, effective, and quick-healing way to improve the look of gummy smile.
Tongue tied treatment
What is tongue tie? Literally, the tongue is tie down to the floor of mouth, which means, movement of the tongue is restricted. It is caused by excessive tissue underneath the tongue/ in the floor of mouth.
What are the complication of tongue tie? It can cause difficulty in speech, eating certain food such as ice- cream, difficulty in brushing and flossing related teeth, abnormal position of teeth and low self-esteem.
What are the advantages of laser?
  • virtually no bleeding
  • it kills bacteria
  • precise and accurate in removing the tissue
  • can go as far as needed to eliminate the restriction.
  • quick healing
How long is the procedure? It takes about 15-30 mins to complete the whole procedure.
Is it painful? No, it is not. It is done under local anesthesia. Normally certain patient will feel minimal discomfort within 24-hours after the procedure.
Ulcers treatment

Laser Treatments for Canker Sores (Apthous Ulcers)

Ulcers in the mouth are known as Canker Sores. They are small, shallow ulcers that can be very painful and make speaking and eating very difficult.

What is the causes of Canker Sores? Unknown. They often associate with stressful lifestyle or tissue damage (ig. Accidental bite, braces, dentures or even a tooth brush).
Besides that, underlying health condition or compromised immune system also contribute to the formation of canker sores. Nutritional deficiencies and gastrointestinal tract disease may also be one of the causes.
What are the benefits of using laser in treating canker sores?
  • It is high tech
  • Immediate relief of pain and discomfort.
  • Stops the progression of the lesion.
  • Faster healing without discomfort
  • Treatment time is only few minutes with no anesthesia injection.
  • After the treatment, the sores reoccur with less intensity and less frequently in the same location


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